PricelessThere’s a lot that can be said about me, but none of it is that important so I’ll give you the SparkNotes version. I am the oldest of nine children, I have seven brothers and one sister. I’m in my junior year of college, studying IST at Penn State. I’m also in their honors college, which is like a nice perk program for doing well on the SATs. In the summer I work as a lifeguard at a local swim club. I’m into collecting DVDs and watching movies, when I’m not working on my laptop. I’m not much of a party person: I spend most of my weekends at home or at the movies. Yeah, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a bit of a loser.

About This Site

So I have been working on websites since someone showed my GeoCities in 7th grade. That site had the amazingly original title of Steve Online and you can see a latter version of that site here. After several setbacks, I started over with a very simple site on Verizon’s web space. I entered it in their Site of the Month contest and won a $100 gift certificate. More importantly it gave me a lot of traffic and the inspiration to continue working on the site.

Around the same time as all this was happening, I started to get into the idea of web logs. A tool like Blogger let me update my site frequently without having to mess with organizing it all. So I encorporated a blog into the new Steve Online. And people started stumbling upon my site looking for news.

I have since written a number of blogs, using MovableType and WordPress. I have changed URLs several times. My friends say I'm indecisive and they're probably right.

Favorite Things

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