A Week on WordPress.com

I have to say that I have been very impressed with WordPress.com. This has not been my first test of the service, but I have used it more consistently this week than I have in past weeks. I have used WordPress for a while now and the updates to the software are pretty nice. This is simple enough for anyone to use, but has enough options for advanced users. And they announced today that now anyone can register for a WordPress.com blog.

The thing I am most impressed with, however, is the way a WordPress.com blog promotes itself. I checked it out and this blog comes up #4 on Google, #2 on Yahoo, and #2 on MSN for “quiet kid”. One thing I have started doing is treating categories as tags and I get more hits from Technorati. It also feels good to be part of a blogging community, with other members seeing your work and success through the dashboard.

Another part of my success this last week is that I have lowered my expectations. I just try to post something that’s on my mind everyday. Sometimes the posts are good, sometimes they’re not. The point is I am continuously posting.

I am a little irked about not being able to modify templates, but I guess I can put up with that for now. It keeps me focused on the writing. Anyway, I am happy with things so far. Thanks to WordPress.com, I am blogging again.


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